Interview With The Artist

Interview With The Artist: Lauryn Alvarez 

A mural by Lauryn can be seen in our new Victoria Square location. Lauryn is a visual artist, born and raised in Southern California, currently living in Laguna Beach. She was kind enough to sit down with us and answer a few Qs we had about her creative world, how to avoid burnout, and her artistic process. 

You recently left a full-time job to pursue your career as an artist. What were the steps you took and what would you say to others hoping to become a working artist?

Once I noticed others were resonating with what I was creating, I decided to take a leap of faith. I believed in myself and what I was doing, and I always wanted to create art for a living; whether that was taking photos or painting. For the most part I’ve always been in some sort of freelance, so making this transition was easy to me. I put all my energy into creating and believing that I can make this art thing work. I created for myself first, then the work followed. I think that’s really important; to love what you do first, then let the rest fall into place. I believe creating from what’s honestly you, others will gravitate toward that because it’s unique and fascinating.

The mural you painted inside our boutique is beautiful! What is your creative process for starting new, large-scale projects?

I like to sketch out ideas digitally to get a feel for the space I’m working with. I’ll refine, then use my digital mock up as a reference and use my intuition as I go. I love painting on large scales. The end result is so rewarding.

How do you stay inspired, come up with new ideas and avoid burnout?

Getting out, changing my routine, being in nature really helps me stay inspired. Taking time away from creating allows me to be excited to create new work as well as avoid burnout. Trying other mediums is also fun to explore and not be so attached to the outcome. If I’m feeling really burnt out, I’ll take more time away from working and do other things I love like hiking, surfing, spending time with friends. I’ve found talking about my feelings of being run down help to process it and move past that rut. Share what’s on your mind! You’ll find you’re not the only one feeling that way, and support is so important!

Any new exciting projects in the works you can tell us about?

I have a few collabs coming out with some rad brands! Stay tuned for those releases.


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Find Lauryn’s artwork at our Victoria Square location.
Insta: @laurynalvarez